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Château La Tour Carnet 2000

Sep. 19th 2010

La_Tour_Carnet_2000It was my Son’s Birthday today and to celebrate, I opened a bottle of Château La Tour Carnet 2000. Decanted about 90 minutes before drinking, the wine wasn’t showing a great deal of development. It was a deep ruby colour with only a very small garnet rim. After a bit of swirling, it opened up some surprisingly primary aromas of blackcurrant, bramble and Christmas spice. The palate exuded black fruit, lovely balanced vanilla and cinnamon spice and very well balanced, fine tannins.

Given its modest pricing, this has a good future ahead of it yet and I enjoyed it very much.

You’ll be pleased to hear my Son really enjoyed playing with all the toys he received too (and so did I…).

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Château d’Esclans – Côtes de Provence Visit Report

Sep. 19th 2010

Esclans_LogoWhere does the rosé market go next? It’s undoubtedly a growth category, but one rosé is often very similar to another. And will the consumer ever pay more than £6 for a bottle? Well, this estate in Provence is challenging the general perception of rosé wine and trying to make the category a fine wine icon. But can they justify prices that would make the Bordelais blush (pun intended…)?

Well, read on to find out if Château d’Esclans is really producing the world’s finest rosés.

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Wine for the heart and wine for the mind

Jun. 23rd 2010
Strawberries and Moscato

Strawberries and Moscato

While in conversation with a wine supplier, it  struck me that maybe we (I?) think too much about wine and probably don’t enjoy it quite enough. Is wine a drink for the heart or for the mind? Or both?

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Wine mark ups in restaurants – how to confuse your customer

Sep. 30th 2009

It’s a reasonably well known fact that restaurants mark-up wine. And their mark up will vary considerably, but will usually be at least 200% if not more like 300%. Some even go beyond this – sometimes as far as 450%.

We all know the arguments (staff, glassware, investment in a cellar, etc.). However, have you ever wondered why you can rarely find your favourite supermarket wine on the wine list of your local restaurant?  Well maybe you can, you just don’t realise it. Read on to find out more…

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What is wine?

Sep. 30th 2009

A simple question you would have thought? We go to the supermarket or preferably our local wine merchant and buy some bottles. We open it up and drink the alcoholic white, pink or red liquid inside and generally enjoy it very much.

We all know wine is made from grapes, but what about elderflower wine? And what about non-alcoholic wine? Are these products really wine?

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